"If we were impatient, we could’ve released an album with 4 members, but it would be pointless because f(x) will only be complete with 5 members

SS6  Frozen Madness


500K for SHINee to come to Europe

supporting each other..


I bet Jonghyun walks around the house like


JongKey’s Super Psycho Love

When Minho can’t take Kibum’s inappropriateness.

"Minho is the luckiest one among the five members of SHINee, all because he was casted on the street. “I was shopping with my mother, and there were three women walking towards me as they whispered among themselves. They gave me their name cards afterwards, asking me to audition for SM Entertainment. Back then, I didn’t know why they were looking at me. It was only after I entered the company that I heard it was because I look nice when I smile.” After concluding his story, Minho finished it off with his signature smile.” The Ultimate Group

Source: Sohu
Translated by: debsayys @ shineee.net